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5 Best vacation destinations for surfing
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"When, Where & Why the waves are the best!"


1) North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
2) Playa Guiones, Costa Rica
3) Marshall Islands, Pacific Islands
4) Southern NSW, Australia
5) Easter Island, Pacific Islands

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1) Kauai, Hawaii                           
2) Caribbean Coast, Panama
3) Caribbean Coast, Costa Rica
4) Madeira Island, Portugal
5) Jamaica

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1) Maui, Hawaii

2) Barbados, Caribbean Islands
3) Northern California, USA
4) Canary Islands, Spain
5) Northern Florida, USA

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1) Aquitaine, France
2) Algarve, Portugal
3) Charleston, SC, USA
4) Wilmington, NC, USA
5) Northeast Spain

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1) Bundoran, Ireland
2) Newquay, England
3) Outer Banks, United States
4) Western Isles, Scotland
5) New Jersey, United States

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1) Los Angeles, California
2) West Java, Indonesia
3) Reunion Island, Indian Ocean
4) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
5) Panaitan Island, Indonesia

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1) San Diego, California
2) Northern Baja, Mexico
3) Durbin, South Africa
4) Timor, Indonesia
5) Sri Lanka

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1) South Africa, Jeffrey's Bay      
2) Pacific Islands, Tahiti
3) Pacific Islands, New Caledonia
4) Mexico, Puerto Escondido
5) Hawaii, Waikiki

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1) Indonesia, Bali
2) Costa Rica, Pavones
3) Panama, Santa Catalina
4) Mexico, Cabo San Lucas
5) Pacific Islands, Samoa

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1) Brazil,Santa Catarina,Florianopolis
2) Maldives
3) Australia, Queensland
4) El Salvador, La Libertad
5) Pacific Islands, Fiji

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1) Indonesia, Mentawai Islands
2) Australia, New South Wales
3) Ecuador,
Central Coast, Montanita
4) Chile, Central Coast/Region, Pichilemu
5) Puerto Rico, Northwest side

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1) Hawaii,  North Shore          
2) Costa Rica, North Pacific
3) Nicaragua, Pacific beaches
4) Morocco,Taghazoute
5) Peru, Lima and North

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If you are lucky enough to go to any of the top 5 vacation destinations for surfing or R&R, have a blast, be safe, take it all in, you never know if, or when, you will get another chance to visit again.These places are spiritual gifts from nature, walk softly, environmentally friendly & embrace any opportunity to lend a helping hand. Be righteous, humble & appreciative, you are representing yourself, your family & your country!   Liquid Peace

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