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5 Best Vacation Destinations in July for surfing
Monthly Report-July 
"When, Where & Why the waves are the best!"

The determining factors in the ratings for each month are water & air temperature, wave consistency, overall weather conditions including precipitation & winds, (offshore winds receiving a big plus). Break logistics:  Are waves accessible?, Are there places to stay near the breaks?, Are the breaks crowded?, What are the hazards, rips, reefs, rocks, & water pollution?  Culture: Are there activities to do if the surf goes flat? Other Liquid activities, kayaking, windsurfing, canoing, fishing, etc...? Good hiking, site seeing, historical significant activities? Friendly inhabitants? Overall Safety! Last, but certainly of equal importance, expense, including lodging, airfare, rental cars, taxis, food & water.

  Of course, the list is subjective & only a guide for those looking for ideas for a vacation destination.  We won't list actual surf spots for three reasons: 1) there are places that do a great job of listing "most" of the good breaks in the area we mention, like-  2) We hope that you are forced to interact with the people that live there, talk to them, ask them where the good breaks are, how to get there & how to blend in. 3) Take a chance, do some searching on your own, chill on the beach awhile & spot a peak for yourself or go for a long walk & just maybe you'll find a place of your own to borrow for a session or two.  We will tweak the list as needed &, hopefully, righteously to include unique spots, not just the destinations that always get the best waves!

San Diego, California
Northern Baja, Mexico
Durbin, South Africa
Timor, Indonesia
Sri Lanka 

San Diego, California

San Diego pictures

Personal disclosure: I adore 3 places in the USA; Charleston, SC, Oxford, Ohio, I know-no waves, & San Diego, California. The latter, is my favorite place in the USA. San Diego is a place I feel at home, at Peace and surrounded by people with the same interests. Everyday I lived in San Diego I felt like it was an honor and a privilege. Fortunately, I have a friend, no, a brother, that welcomes & entertains me every year. He enables me to get my San Diego "fix" annually in an environment that feels like home. Thank you JL, for saving my sanity & fostering my Liquid Peace time...  

As a young Midwestern boy my dad painted a picture of San Diego that fascinated a mind. A laid back lifestyle with omni-present sun, warm weather, diverse beaches and, of course, surfing.  I began surfing on the "epic" shores of Lake Erie with dreams of one day surfing in San Diego, California. Many moons later I realized my dreams of a painted picture, but unlike many dreams, San Diego did not disappoint, in fact, was better than expectations.

San Diego is an improbable gift from nature & man offering a mild desert climate with an endless diversity of waves, topography & culture. The merge between man & nature is in perfect symmetry if you love to surf and immerse yourself in beach culture.

Water Temp: 60-72 degrees, the water can be nippy all year long.
Water Pollution: Near river mouths and run-offs after rain can be problematic but clean otherwise.
Wave Consistency: 3-6ft faces are common during the summer months.
Overall Weather: 70-75 degrees but as you head inland it gets hot fast.
Suggested Gear: 3/2 full suit or spring suit, neoprene vest, jacket & shorts, board shorts, rash guards, sunscreen, & sun block.

The San Diego coastline has it all, beach breaks, reef breaks & point breaks for all quivers and styles. It is easy to get locked in to one place but don't fall in love until you test some of the easily obtainable variety. 

Can you get to the waves? Yes, does not get much easier and if you get there early parking will not even be a problem.
Are there places to stay? Yes, everything is available but beach accommodations have a lofty price tag.
Is it crowded? San Diego has an enormous surf culture & when the waves are switched on the crowds can get thick.
Is there localism: Some places, but very few have aggressive locals, most San Diegan surfers are very rightchadelic & in tune with the spirituality of surfing.
Are there Hazards: Yes, many places come with a lifeguard but just as many don't. Ask at the local surf shop or ask someone in the line-up. 

San Diego is a 1st class city, everything & anything you could want is available. The best option would be to rent a car but you don't need to, public transportation, though it's not perfect, is an option.   

Things to do: Anything you want to do in or near the water is easily accessible.
Things to do out of the water? San Diego has it all.
People: Very Friendly
Food & Water: Everything is available & can be done on a budget. I know a guy who ate 24 double-doubles at In & Out in 2 weeks, he only spent $150 dollars on food & water.
Nightlife: Something for every possible taste, each town in and around San Diego offers something unique and different.
Expense: Inexpensive to extremely expensive all depends on individual taste.
Safety: For a big city San Diego is very safe.

Words are not enough to describe San Diego! If you have the money this is a place you don't want to miss as a surf destination or just a place to discover & hang.  

Northern Baja, Mexico

Northern Baja Surf pictures

Surfers love diversity and the challenge of new waves. Across the hectic California/Mexico border Northern Baja offers smaller crowds, tasty breaks & less expensive lodging but don't get too excited it comes with multiple caveats; colder water, more pollution & far less safety.

Water Temp: 58-68 degrees
Water Pollution: Clean in the isolated spots, search them out, nasty near TJ and major tourist towns, Rosarita & Ensenada, after rain.
Wave Consistency: 3-5 ft faces are common & consistent.
Overall Weather: 70-75 degrees
Suggested Gear: 3/2 full suit or spring suit, neoprene vest, jacket & shorts, board shorts, rash guards, sunscreen, & sun block. 1st aid kit with plenty of antibiotic ointment.

There are still some isolated breaks in Northern Baja that are great fun, uncrowded, with beautiful ambiance. Finding those breaks is a challenge but worth the time and effort.

Can you get to the waves? Most of the breaks are easily accessible, the better, less crowded waves take some resilience and research.
Are there places to stay? Yes, less expensive than San Diego but less safety & overall the price tag includes less value.
Is it crowded? Yes, the close proximity to California & the growing number of local surfers adds up to thick line-ups. But with a little diligence you can find reclusive breaks.
Is there localism:Yes, from both locals and surfers that have moved to the area. But nothing completely agro.
Are there Hazards: Rocks, reefs, sea urchins, water pollution & sketchy police.

Crossing the border is a hassle, both in & out, TJ-Tijuana is a nightmare, but once you get through it, Northern Baja is gorgeous in it's natural state. Some of the untouched ocean views are literally breathtaking. Tread softly, reserve your minerals, enjoy a few days in Mexico & get back to Cali.

Things to do: Many activities on, in, or near the water, depends on where you choose to base yourself.
Things to do out of the water? Rosarita & Ensenada offer the most to do in Northern Baja, No, I did not forget about TJ, it is a "throw out"!
People: Friendly but bored with tourists and surfers.
Food & Water: Plenty of places to choose from but use common sense when selecting eating establishments. Stay stocked up on Liquid & hydrated for the isolated surf breaks & night time thirst.
Nightlife: You can find it but keep a low profile and save your energy for the surf.
Expense: Plenty of options, yes, it is less expensive than Cali but the value is less.
Safety: Slightly below average, don't leave gear unattended, keep the cars locked & in a safe place. Don't put yourself in a compromising position with the local police!

Durbin, South Africa

Durbin surf pictures

The area has an array of consistent beach, reef and point breaks. The water and air temperature are warm with pleasant wind conditions. The roaring 40's send glassy, barreling waves to the area throughout the year, especially in the winter, including July. Furthermore, the Wild Coast with more excellent surf breaks is a short distance south of Durbin to add variety to your exploration.  

Water Temp: 70-75 degrees.
Water Pollution: Clean, except near major towns and tourist destinations.
Wave Consistency: 3-6ft faces are common & consistent.
Overall Weather: Warm & balmy, 70-75 degrees.
Suggested Gear: Board shorts, rash guards, spring suit, neoprene vest, jacket & shorts for morning or evening sessions, sunscreens, sunblock, lip balm, duct tape & super glue. Extra boards.

The major cities, like Durbin with over 3 million people, offer any and every type of lodging, many are near the breaks in and around the city. However, staying in the city increases safety issues but then again, it offers more options for nightlife & cuisine, decisions-decisions.

Can you get to the waves? Most of the waves are easily accessible, surf shops are available to ask for good directions, don't forget to spend some money for "dropping the skinny".
Are there places to stay? Yes, Durbin has every type of lodging available for discerning budgets.
Is it crowded? Yes, near big cities and popular breaks. Search off the beaten track.
Is there localism: Yes, some areas supply a host of agro attitude. Move to another peak or stand your ground.
Are there Hazards: Yes, rocks, reefs, close-out beach breaks, sharks, though the nets have extremely reduced the risks, & crime.

The area boasts the largest port and a eclectic blend of Muslim, British, Zulu, & Hindu cultures.

Things to do:All water activities are available.
Things to do out of the water? In and around the cities everything is easily obtained, the further you move away from major towns, far less is available.
People: Friendly but watch your gear, be careful at night, particularly in the cities.
Food & Water: Plenty of choices and reasonable priced. Keep water stocked & stay hydrated.
Nightlife:In the cities you can stretch your minerals to the limit.
Expense: Any budget can be met, depends on individual choices.
Safety: Average, below average in the major towns.

Timor, Indonesia

Timor pictures

Yet again, the roaring 40's send consistent swells to Timor and produce one of the longest lefts in the world. It is also the dry season with offshore winds and when it is good it can be immaculate.

Water Temp: 79-84 degrees
Water Pollution: Very clean
Wave Consistency: 4-6ft faces are common
Overall Weather: 80-86 degrees
Suggested Gear: Board shorts, rash guards, sunscreens, sunblock, lip balm, duct tape, super glue & a 1st aid kit.

Timor is a great destination to procure a boat charter, there are places to stay on the island but this is more of a surf only destination. Getting there is a logistical challenge!

Can you get to the waves? Yes, best by boat, there are some camps that embrace the surf culture.
Are there places to stay? Yes, there are options but not exactly plentiful.
Is it crowded? No, Timor is not a big surf destination-yet...
Is there localism: No
Are there Hazards: Sharp reefs, & malaria is present.

This island has seen it's share of heartache, explains why the locals are tentative towards outsiders, be humble and gracious.

Things to do: Fishing, diving, snorkeling are all fantastic.
Things to do out of the water? Very chill
People: Friendly enough, somewhat tentative with tourists.
Food & Water: Some choices but not expansive, make sure to stock up on water every chance you get to stay hydrated.
Nightlife: Not much
Expense: On the expensive side.
Safety: Slightly below average

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka pictures

Sri Lanka does not get huge swells but fun, consistent, uncrowded, warm water waves are standard. 

Water Temp: 79-84 degrees
Water Pollution: Clean, near populated areas can be a bigger problem.
Wave Consistency: 3-5 ft faces are common & consistent.  
Overall Weather: Hot, 85-90+ degrees and very humid.
Suggested Gear: Board shorts, rash guards, sunscreens, sunblock, lip balm, duct tape, super glue & a 1st aid kit.

Getting to Sri Lanka is a commitment; plan your trip judiciously and expect to endure some long days of travel.

Can you get to the waves? Yes, but most require a professional guide and a vehicle with 4WD.
Are there places to stay? Yes, but check your destinations safety precautions.
Is it crowded? Most of the breaks are uncrowded.
Is there localism: Very little
Are there Hazards: Yes, rocks, jellies, crocs, survey the area and ask about all possible hazards.

There is plenty to do in the region but you will require a expert guide and reliable transportation to get around.

Things to do: Most water activities can be found including diving, fishing, windsurfing, & kite surfing.
Things to do out of the water? Site seeing & Hiking: dynamic topography & diverse, lively wildlife. The city of Colombo offers a vibrant nightlife setting.
People: Friendly
Food & Water:Trip can easily be done on a budget and you can step it up if you desire.
Nightlife:Colombo is the best spot to rage but smaller towns are for chilling.
Expense: Overall & comparatively inexpensive.
Safety: Slightly below average

If you are lucky enough to go to any of the top 5 vacation destinations for surfing, have a blast, be safe, take it all in, you never know if, or when, you will get another chance to visit again.These places are spiritual gifts from nature, walk softly, environmentally friendly & embrace any opportunity to lend a helping hand. Be righteous, humble & appreciative, you are representing yourself, your family & your country!   Liquid Peace

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